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A Guide to MnDOT's Olson Memorial Highway Survey

MnDOT is now taking feedback on four initial project designs for the future of Olson Memorial Highway in Minneapolis. Thanks to community support, these include options that would restore a walkable main street in the Near North. Here is what you need to know when filling out the survey and how you can support the movement to Bring Back 6th.

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Alex Burns   posted by
April 18, 2024

What's happening with Open Streets MPLS this year?

The Open Streets MPLS you know and love isn't happening this year. Here's why.

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Ember Rasmussen   posted by
April 04, 2024

Converting Stretch of I-94 to Boulevard Offers Many Benefits and Provides Sufficient Traffic Capacity, Report Finds

It is well established that funneling billions of taxpayer dollars toward highway expansion does not solve traffic woes. As Minnesota wraps up its warmest winter on record, a new report shows a promising transportation alternative for the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) Rethinking I-94 project, which will determine the future of the 7.5-mile stretch of highway between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul.

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Carly Ellefsen   posted by
March 21, 2024

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