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Our Streets Minneapolis works to put people first by transforming transportation and infrastructure in the Twin Cities and at the state level. We do this by making our streets places where people can easily and comfortably walk, bike, roll, and use public transit.


We envision streets and neighborhoods that are vibrant places for people to live, work, and play. We envision communities with people-first transportation infrastructure that is not centered around cars. We envision cities with streets designed to prioritize public health and climate, racial, and economic justice for all our neighbors.


We do this work by:

  • Creating positive visions for a people-centric future that repairs past and present harms caused by unjust transportation decision-making
  • Elevating and centering community voices and desires, focusing on those who have been most harmed by and left out of transportation decisions
  • Using grassroots organizing to build shared power and advocate for policies, street designs, and concrete outcomes that improve lives in meaningful ways
  • Facilitating community-led action by holding ourselves and decision-makers accountable to the community through transparent, public action.


Formerly the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

Our organization was founded in 2009 as the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. In 2017 we changed our name to Our Streets Minneapolis. With this change, we affirmed our commitment to people walking and rolling, not just people biking.


Latest Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

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