Our Streets Minneapolis is a local nonprofit working for a city where biking, walking, and rolling are easy and comfortable for everyone.


We envision a city where:


  • Biking, walking, and rolling are easy and joyful for people of all backgrounds and identities in all parts of Minneapolis;

  • Streets and trails are vibrant community spaces with people walking and biking year-round and at all times;

  • Kids and families feel safe and comfortable walking and biking to neighborhood schools, parks, and businesses;

  • Older adults and people with mobility challenges are healthy, independent, and connected with their communities through streets and sidewalks designed for them; and

  • Abundant biking and walking contributes to happy people, a healthy environment, and a strong economy.




One of the ways we make Minneapolis a better place for folks who bike, walk, and roll is through engaging neighbors in our local advocacy work.

Right now our advocacy focus is improving winter sidewalk maintenance so folks can rely on sidewalks to get around all year long. Click here to show your support for improved winter sidewalk maintenance.

Our past advocacy successes include:

  • Advocating for the City of Minneapolis to increase their investment in walking

  • Working with the City of Minneapolis to adopt a nation-leading Complete Streets Policy

  • Our Bikeways for Everyone campaign, which changed how folks in Minneapolis think about protected bikeways

Would you like to get involved in advocacy with Our Streets Minneapolis? Check out our work groups where local folks just like you get together to help set our priorities and do grassroots advocacy in our city.

Want to do some advocacy on your own? Check out our tips for how to reach out to your elected officials by writing them, calling them, setting up a meeting, or reaching out over social media.

You can catch up with the latest on our advocacy work on our blog.


Open Streets Minneapolis


Open Streets Minneapolis is an annual event series that opens streets in Minneapolis to folks biking, walking, and rolling. Our Streets Minneapolis hosts these events in partnership with the City of Minneapolis.

At each Open Streets Minneapolis event, local businesses, artists, community groups, and neighbors come out into the street to play. Open Streets Minneapolis invites people to be curious about their city as they make connections with those around them.

Learn more about Open Streets Minneapolis and view our season schedule at www.openstreetsmpls.org.




At Our Streets Minneapolis, we want to share biking and walking with more folks in our city. We have several programs created to inspire more folks to bike and walk:

  • Through our Bicycle Connectors program we partner with local organizations to encourage biking as transportation among folks who identify as black, and/or indigenous, and/or latinx, and/or people of color and also identify as trans, and/or femme, and/or women (BILPOC TFW).

  • During Minneapolis Bike Month, we encourage more folks to bike through events, communications, and partnering with local businesses.

  • We host a website called Twin Cities Biking where you can find resources for everything you need to know about biking in the Twin Cities.

  • We partner with the City of Minneapolis to create the #WeWalkMpls story sharing campaign encouraging more folks to walk for transportation in our city



We are volunteer driven

and community supported


Our Streets Minneapolis is built through the support of our local community. Volunteer with us to help guide and carry out our work. Make a gift to ensure we're able to keep working for a city where biking, walking, and rolling are easy and comfortable for everyone.

Thank you for being part of our movement!




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