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MnDOT Ignores Data, Community Concern with Highway 252/I-94 Project Proposals

Despite a history of community pushback, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) released proposed project options for the Highway 252/I-94 project, all of which either maintain the current highway and its ongoing harms, or expand the highway, increasing concerns of safety, traffic, air pollution, environmental effects, and equity.

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Alex Burns   posted by
April 17, 2023

Two Projects Selected for the Biennial 2023 Freeways Without Futures Report Are Here in the Twin Cities

Congress for New Urbanism, a national organization that champions walkable urbanism, selected the campaigns to Bring Back 6th and replace the Rethinking I-94 corridor with TwinCitiesBoulevard for the biennial Freeways Without Futures report.

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Carly Ellefsen   posted by
April 13, 2023

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher and Jacob Frey Circumvent Community Consent and City Council in Favor of Business Interest


Days before breaking ground, Mayor Jacob Frey and Public Works Director Margaret Anderson-Kelliher dropped a watered-down plan for the Bryant Ave S. reconstruction, undercutting years of community engagement and a previously approved plan that aligns with Minneapolis transportation goals and bicycle and pedestrian safety. Minneapolis Public Works has quietly dismantled the long-planned pedestrian and biking improvements on Bryant Avenue S in order to increase parking and appease wealthy and privileged stakeholders.

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Alex Burns   posted by
April 04, 2023

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