Downtown Bikeways Workgroup Plans for the end of 2018

We started November’s meeting discussing the future of our workgroup. It looks like Janne will be moving on to other projects in January, and someone will need to take over Janne’s responsibilities. Please email Janne if you are interested in this work or have any questions about what is involved.


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Needed: Your show of support for Minneapolis 2040

After almost three years, Minneapolis’ comprehensive planning process is nearing an end.

A couple weeks ago, I compared the current draft with the first draft. Your comments made a difference! Thank you! In this blog, I shared information about the Planning Commission hearing. This hearing happened last week. At the hearing, Sarah Tschida, an Our Streets Minneapolis board member, testified along with many other folks who care about the future of our city.


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How the news victim blames pedestrians in crashes

How we talk about pedestrian crashes in the news rarely reflects the facts of how people waking and rolling are injured or die. Without correcting this coverage we will not hold accountable what is truly responsible for the majority of pedestrian deaths: our road system.

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