One of the ways we make Minneapolis a better place for folks to bike, walk, and roll is by engaging local communities in our advocacy work. Right now our main advocacy focus is changing streets owned by Hennepin County so they put people first. We’re doing this through a grassroots organizing campaign called County Streets for People.


Our past advocacy successes include:



Get Involved

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Advocate for changes on a street near you

At Our Streets Minneapolis we work with our community to select strategic advocacy priorities where we are best suited to make the biggest impact. While we don’t have capacity to advocate for improvements on every street in the city, we work hard to get local policies in place that will help make sure city streets are better places to bike, walk, and roll.


If there is a street you’d like to change, we recommend getting started by taking these steps:


  1. Figure out who owns the street. Most streets in Minneapolis are owned by the City. Yet some of the larger streets are owned by Hennepin County or the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). Use this map to locate the street you are interested in and find out who owns it. Blue streets are owned by Hennepin County. Streets marked with a number inside a white box are owned by MnDOT. All other streets are owned by the City.


  2. See if there is an existing project planned for the street. If there is a current or future project planned for the street, you may be able to influence this project by providing feedback to the staff working on it, attending community meetings, or by contacting your elected officials. Follow these links to find City of Minneapolis street projects, Hennepin County projects, and MnDOT projects.


  3. Contact your elected officials. Tell your elected officials about the problem you are having with the street, and how you would like it to change. Use these links to identify City Council Members and Hennepin County Commissioners. Check out these resources for tips on calling, writing, and setting up a meeting with your elected official. We also have a guide for social media advocacy you can use.


  4. Tell your friends and neighbors. The more people who raise their voice about a street, the better. Share what you know with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to join you in your advocacy.



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