Your Guide to Commenting on Minneapolis 2040

Our Streets Minneapolis is actively working to support and improve the Comprehensive Plan, Minneapolis 2040. As someone who supports our work, we ask that YOU provide your comments on the plan, either at a Comprehensive Plan Comment Party, or online.

The deadline is coming up soon, on Sunday, July 22nd, so it’s time to type.

We’ve got detailed instructions on how to comment, tips on what you might want to suggest, and some writing from other progressive groups if you want more context or wonkery.

Parties are scheduled for 6:30-8 on Wednesday, July 18th in Northeast and 4:30-6:15 on Sunday, July 22 in Seward on (more details below). Parties are fun… and sometimes life or introversion gets in the way of attending. Here’s a guide to how to comment from home, or the bus, or while waiting for a friend.

Deadline: Sunday, July 22

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Downtown Bikeways July: Who Do We Need to Talk to to Make This Happen?

On July 9, the Downtown Bikeways volunteer workgroup came together again to show the City of Minneapolis how much support there is for safer biking in downtown. Over the last month, we’ve made great strides toward showing finding that interest in residents and visitors of downtown Minneapolis. (Check out our June update here.) Read on to learn about the interest we’re creating and how we’re going to use it to get protected bikeways on 9th/10th St and LaSalle/1st Ave.

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Eight awesome things to look for at Open Streets Lake + Minnehaha

Join us this Sunday July 22 for Open Streets Lake + Minnehaha! Open Streets Minneapolis events are free events that temporarily close major thoroughfares to car traffic, opening them up for people walking, biking, rolling, and playing. Check out the Open Streets Lake + Minnehaha Facebook page or the event webpage for more details. Here are the things that I am most excited to see at Open Streets Lake + Minnehaha!

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