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Then and Now: 10 Improvements on Our Streets

As Our Streets Minneapolis turns ten, we’re looking back on the changes we’ve seen in our public spaces and our streets since the organization began. None of the many improvements and innovations could have happened without visionary community leaders and volunteers, political leaders willing to take risks, and dedicated public agency staff. Here are ten of our favorite improvements, from massive public works projects to smaller changes that made walking, biking, and rolling better in our city.

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Maria Wardoku   posted by
November 06, 2019

Open Streets MPLS participants prefer protected bike lanes 24-to-1

Another summer of Open Streets Minneapolis festivities has come and gone, and during all the fun, the Downtown Bikeways Work Group collected some valuable data about people’s bike lane preferences. We set up a poster with images of the different types of bike lanes you can find in Minneapolis, and asked Open Streets Minneapolis attendees to place a sticker next to the bike infrastructure on which they feel most comfortable riding. Over the course of the summer, we received a whopping 1,742 responses to this question, and I’m here to report the final tallies. 

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Lila Franklin   posted by
November 04, 2019

Understanding Your Rights After a Bike Crash in Minnesota

As a cyclist, it’s critical to your health and well-being to stay safe during your commute or weekend ride. Yet, no matter how safe you cycle, crashes can still occur. As a cyclist, you have legal rights if you have a crash while on the road.

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Dan Brazil   posted by
October 30, 2019

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