Word on the Streets

Our priorities for the Transportation Action Plan

As a follow up to Minneapolis 2040, the City’s comprehensive plan, a Transportation Action Plan is being drafted to guide the planning and implementation of transportation projects over the next ten years. Our Streets Minneapolis supports many parts of Minneapolis 2040 and we welcome the emphasis on building a transportation system that puts people first.

The upcoming action plan is an opportunity to design a new transportation system—one that is cleaner, more comfortable and allows people to get around our city in a variety of ways.

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Ashwat Narayanan   posted by
March 26, 2019

Pedestrian Work Group March 2019 update

The Our Streets Pedestrian Work Group (PWG) had a cozy meeting on March 18 at the Hennepin Central Library. Cozy as in our original room was taken, although we all fit in nicely in a smaller, nearby room. The library staff even provided some extra chairs.

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Paul Jahn   posted by
March 25, 2019

Downtown Bikeways Work Group March 2019: Human Crosswalk, Commuting and... Schools?

Our Downtown Bikeways Work Group made plans to celebrate our favorite way to get around downtown and it involves a human crosswalk, commuting and schools! Simply, not all at once.

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Michael Bishop   posted by
March 18, 2019