Volunteers, City move winter sidewalk maintenance forward

A Minneapolis sidewalk covered in a sheet of ice

We’re creating some momentum around making Minneapolis winters walkable and you can help keep it going!

We’ve got some exciting news to report and some advocacy actions for folks to take.

Here’s a little background information and a previous blog post on this topic if you’re just now joining us on our journey to make Minneapolis winters walkable for everyone.

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Minneapolis 2040: What's new in draft two?

This summer, we worked on the Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan. We shared why you might care about the plan. (tl;dr it shapes everything the City of Minneapolis does for the next 20 years). We shared why Our Streets Minneapolis cares about the plan. (tl;dr it guides how we build our communities, which determines whether Minneapolis is a city where biking, walking and rolling are easy and comfortable for everyone). We shared Our Streets’ priorities and asked you to comment on the draft plan.

The City received more than 10,000 comments on Version 1 of the plan, and you provided hundreds of the comments. So, what happened?


All images from https://minneapolis2040.com unless otherwise noted

The Long Range Planning staff at Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) heard your comments. On four of Our Streets Minneapolis’ five priorities, they strengthened the plan in Version 2. Thank you!

Here are the details of what changed for each of our five priorities:

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Help Improve Bikeways on 9th and 10th Street in Downtown Minneapolis

This post was originally published on streets.mn

I’m on a workgroup through Our Streets Minneapolis, and I’m asking you to show your support for safer bikeways through downtown, specifically on 9th and 10th streets. These streets were added to the Bicycle Master Plan back in 2016, but there is currently no plan or schedule for improvement.

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