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Hennepin County's Street Design System Must Change

Our Streets Minneapolis has been advocating to re-shape Lyndale Avenue S as part of our new initiative, County Streets for People. We are asking Hennepin County--the entity responsible for this street--do the bare minimum: a 4-3 conversion to improve safety on the corridor. However, Lyndale Ave S is just one example of a much larger systemic issue around how Hennepin County approaches street design.

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December 03, 2020

Why a 4 to 3 conversion on Lyndale Ave S?

At Our Streets Minneapolis, we’re calling for a short term safety treatment called a 4 to 3 conversion on Lyndale Ave S from Franklin Ave to 31st street. Here is some more information on this treatment and our stance.

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November 20, 2020

Action Alert: We need complete streets all year!

Minneapolis has a Complete Streets Policy that states that people walking and biking should be prioritized ahead of people driving in transportation maintenance. Yet the City continues to prioritize cars over more vulnerable road users when it comes to winter maintenance.

There are two ways we want City Council to act to make our streets better places to bike, walk, and roll in the winter:

1. Prioritize winter maintenance for biking, walking, and rolling in the 2021 budget

2. Add a strategy to the Transportation Action Plan to evaluate city-led clearing of snow and ice on the pedestrian priority network

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November 17, 2020

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