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Our Streets MPLS Campaigns Gain National Recognition



The 2023 Freeways Without Futures report from Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) will feature ten local campaigns representing communities advocating for equity and reconnection during a time of reckoning for North American urban freeway infrastructure. The ten campaigns offer a roadmap to better health, equity, opportunity, and connectivity in every neighborhood, while reversing decades of decline and disinvestment.

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Advocating for Accessible Sidewalks Year-round

Minneapolis sidewalks are covered with snow and ice for up to half of the calendar year. If even a single property owner fails to clear their sidewalk, an entire block can become impassable. This is an issue of accessibility but also of safety and equity. Unclear sidewalks can cause serious injury through falls or forced necessity to use the street, and disproportionately impacts people of color, people with low income, and disabled people, all of whom are more likely to rely on walking, rolling, and transit for transportation.

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