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Minnesota’s Democratic Trifecta Isn’t Translating to Progressive Transportation Policy

Transportation Committee Chairs are Blocking a Twin Cities Highway-to-Boulevard Conversion Study

Minnesota State Representative Frank Hornstein and State Senator Scott Dibble may claim to be champions for progressive transportation legislation, but when it comes to the future of I-94, they are blocking progress on a generational opportunity to repair the harms of past racist transportation planning decisions. The two DFL Transportation Committee Chairs are barring a committee hearing for H.F. 2270 and S.F. 2180, bills to fund a feasibility study of a highway-to-boulevard conversion of I-94 between downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul. This inaction comes despite immense community support and Sen. Dibble's own bill co-authorship.

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Alex Burns   posted by
March 21, 2023

MnDOT is Trying to Block Twin Cities Boulevard Feasibility Study Bill with an Inaccurate Bill Analysis

MnDOT Commissioner Nancy Daubenberger and staff are openly opposing a highway-to-boulevard feasibility study (SF 2180 and HF 2270) through an inaccurate and inflated fiscal note.

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Alex Burns   posted by
March 20, 2023

Municipal Sidewalk Plowing: A Preventative vs. Punitive Solution

In response to community pressure, a legislative directive to address Minneapolis municipal sidewalk plowing and ice removal passed unanimously through Minneapolis City Council in late February. City Council will act on the directive and report back in June.

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Carly Ellefsen   posted by
March 09, 2023

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