Word on the Streets

Upcoming: Bikescore.com


To fill an obvious hole, walkscore.com is expanding into the wheeled domain. The site is still in development so people are asked to contribute and vote on factors that should be included in a place’s bikescore.

The site requires users to sign in with their email address and then users are given 10 votes to distribute according to their preferences. Also, users can contribute their own ideas for others to vote on.

So head on over there and vote early and often! (if you use multiple email addresses- but you didn’t hear that from me…)

New Year ~ New Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition Blog!

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition expects 2011 to be full of good things and we are excited to be here in this space to share them all with you! Welcome!

NE ~ snow update

NE Mpls. St. Anthony Bike Path headed Eastward is snow packed and difficult to navigate with studs.  Banks are not cleared at intersections making it more of a Cyclocross course than a smooth ride…

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