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What does being an MBC Member mean?

We braved the rain, sleet, snow and wind last night to have you guessed it...another meeting.  Some of us braved it a little more than the rest of us~well done!

What did we discuss?  Membership.  Yes!  We are getting ready to grow the family, but first we have to get the house in order.  We are almost there and will open the door soon for y'all to come on in.  Stay tuned.

Would you join the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition?  What are you looking for in a membership?  Why do you join other groups?

Laying Foundations

The MBC Organizational Development Committee has been hard at work laying the foundation for a successful future.  Some may not find our discussions the most riveting as our topics include government forms, taxes, and databases, but what we all are engaged in is our love for bicycling and making this an even better city for everyone to ride in.  I personally have enjoyed the opportunity to meet some really interesting people who share similar interests and are part of my community.  It is in the moments between discussions about government forms, taxes, databases, etc. that the conversation gets interesting.  We discuss our trips to San Diego and Austin, and we learn that someone in the group just moved house by bicycle!

Check out Alex and Katie's move on their blog:  Our House

What do you haul on your bicycle?

2011-2012 Strategic Plan

After months of work and input from more than 40 stakeholders, we've approved our 2011-2012 Strategic Plan! It will help guide our work for the next two years. See the plan.

A big thanks to Anne Carroll of Carroll, Franck & Associates who provided excellent facilitation for the process.

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