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Provide your feedback on the Vision Zero Draft Plan

The City of Minneapolis released a draft of their Vision Zero Action Plan on September 17th. This plan will guide traffic safety work on streets in Minneapolis over the next three years. 

What is Vision Zero? 

Vision Zero is an international effort to eliminate traffic related deaths and serious injuries. Minneapolis became a Vision Zero city in September 2017. At that time, the City Council committed to achieving their goal to reach Vision Zero within ten years. Now, the City is in the process of putting together a three year action plan where they will implement projects to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries in Minneapolis. 

You can learn more about the Vision Zero Action Plan in our blog post about the plan launch.

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Emily Wade   posted by
October 02, 2019

Announcing Transportation Action Plan Community Conversations

At Our Streets Minneapolis we’re building a movement to make biking, walking, and rolling easy and comfortable for everyone in our city. 

In order to make a transportation system that truly works for everyone, we must be sure to prioritize the voices of folks who are currently at a disadvantage in our transportation system. That means amplifying the needs and concerns of people of color, people with disabilities, and folks with low income. People who belong to these groups have historically been left out of transportation decision making. As a result, our transportation system does not work for them.

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Emily Wade   posted by
September 18, 2019