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Zig Zagging on Hennepin

It is my contention that poorly designed bicycle lanes are worse than no bicycle lanes at all. A case in point is downtown Hennepin Avenue with the freshly painted green stripe bike lanes. Because Hennepin meanders ( I understand it was originally a trade route from Lake Calhoun to the river) with varying widths, the bicycle lanes are at times on the right of 2 full width car travel lanes and at other times sharing a car travel lane. I am not against bicycle lanes as I recognize it encourages bicycle ridership on streets, especially with new riders. But I do object to the zig zag. When cars and bikes go from the 2 full width travel lanes and bike lane to the shared bike lane situation, there is a conflict. And this conflict further aggravated by the speed of traffic on Hennepin. My suggestions for improvement: A) Remove all of the bike lanes (covering the green paint) and put in place signage that encourages bikers to take the center lane; B) Remove the bike lanes (covering the green paint) on the narrow blocks only; or C) Paint the entire right travel lane green on the narrow blocks. I am curious as to what others think. Which option do you prefer and why? Or, do you like the current arrangement? Or do you have other ideas for improvement?

Bill Dooley

Nice Ride Group Ride?

Yesterday I noticed HUGE Nice Ride group ride on the Hiawatha Trail. There had to have been at least 30 riders. Anyone know what this was about?

Cedar Lake Trail - The Final Mile

Cedar Lake Trail - The Final Mile from myhyggelig on Vimeo.

I wanted to become part of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition so I can continue to help to give back to members of this community, what bicycling improvements in this City have given to me.

When we moved here nearly five years ago, we wanted to live in a neighborhood with bike paths close to our home.  Our wish didn't come true ~ at first.  Then things started to change, and so did my life - all for the better.

In the time we have lived in NE Minneapolis, the accessibility we have to bike paths has continued to grow, improved my quality of life because I can hop on my bicycle at my home and go, and provided easier access for me to get through the city safely and (mostly) efficiently.

First came the completion of the Minneapolis Diagonal Trail - my main access point every time I leave home on my bicycle.

Then came the extension of the Grand Rounds Bicycle Path System  - the Saint Anthony Parkway bicycle path.

And now, I happily welcome the completion of the final mile of the Cedar Lake Trail.

What bicycle improvements have you seen in Minneapolis and how have they positively affected your life?

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