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Spring Ride Report

Lovely morning for a ride.  Did you get out?  Lovely to see so many tire tracks in the dirt on the side of the road!

Speaking of the dirt, how are the roads where you ride?  I have found so far this Spring that the street sweeping has been pretty good overall.  There are still a few patches of rocks, dirt, and even snow here and there, but overall the side of the road and the bike lanes for me have been good.  Please tell us what you are seeing.

One notorious sketchy spot is on the East River Parkway, specifically between Cecil St SE and Franklin Ave.  Last year the debris was never swept away and the HORRIBLE pot holes were never filled.  This year at least the debris was swept away, but the road still needs help.  WHEN will this be fixed?

Franklin Avenue has lost it’s shiny new bicycle lane and bicycle box.  I hope these are restriped and remarked soon!  Also, note the debris…

And are you fellow cyclists finding all these lights and cameras at this new intersection on Franklin completely ineffective for you?  I was excited when this all went in thinking it would make the intersection better, but for me as a rider on the road, there is nothing here to trip the lights.  I sat through two cycles of lights here before finally admitting the camera’s were not picking me up and scooted myself over to the crosswalk.  What has been your experience?  Share your tips.

Despite some of the challenges, I always love bicycling in my city.  I spent 98% of my ride on a bike path, a bike lane, or a designated bicycle street.  It makes my time on my bicycle so much more pleasurable.  What is it like where you ride?  What would you like the City to do for you to improve where you ride?

Happy Spring Minneapolis!  Great to see you out there this morning!

Art Crank

Art Crank on Saint Anthony Boulevard Saturday April 2, 2011, approximately 6:25 pm.  50 some degrees and sunny.

I love seeing bicycles in my neighborhood.

I love Art Crank being near my neighborhood.

I love bicycles and art.

Ride safe tonight everyone!

Did you make it?  What did you think?!

What does being an MBC Member mean?

We braved the rain, sleet, snow and wind last night to have you guessed it...another meeting.  Some of us braved it a little more than the rest of us~well done!

What did we discuss?  Membership.  Yes!  We are getting ready to grow the family, but first we have to get the house in order.  We are almost there and will open the door soon for y'all to come on in.  Stay tuned.

Would you join the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition?  What are you looking for in a membership?  Why do you join other groups?

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