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Drum Roll Please... Unveiling the Logo!

Several months ago (as in last July), we decided we needed to get ourselves a logo.  If you were paying attention, you noticed we began our attempts with a logo competition... which to our surprise turned out to be controversial.  (Although we compulsively track land widths and street striping, we're not close followers of designer politics.)

So... we canceled the contest.  And, friendly designer and Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition activist Todd Zerger offered up his advice on better approaches.

We were lucky enough to have the offer of in-kind services from the designer-cyclists at Space2Burn. Thanks!!

They helped us through the process, and we're really pleased the final design results:



We like how they used the iconic Minneapolis cherry as party of the bicycle.  We also appreciate the way the sign suggests our focus on working to make bicycles normal on the streets of Minneapolis, a part of the transportation network both formally and culturally.

Our next step is to update our website and other materials with the logo, and we're working with Fourth Sector Consulting on an overall communications and membership plan.

Thanks, Space2Burn!

Thank You Lyndale Friends!

left:  starting point – CRC/Right:  results! – signatures

We had a great group show up this morning for a walk down Lyndale.  Not just any walk ~ we were out getting signatures for the Open Streets Event.  We braved 7 degree temps, falling snow, icy sidewalks, and frozen hands and feet, but it was worth it!  I can’t speak for everyone, but our group of two was pleased at the positive reception we received as we walked and knocked.  We can’t wait to see everyone again this summer without our hats, mittens, coats, and scarves, out having fun on the street.

Thank you Lyndale Friends!  We appreciate each and every signature we received and it was great to meet you.

Open Streets Notification Letters Delivered

Yesterday, we delivered 500 letters to our neighbors along the proposed route on Lyndale Ave South between Franklin Ave and 42nd St.

Assembling the "Dear Neighbor" notification fliers.

Fortunately, the weather behaved and we were able to get them all out in one day.

500 notification fliers in a bag.

It was wonderful to meet business owners/employees and residents throughout the day.  We were excited to hear all of the tremendous support for the event from the people we met.  For those we didn’t meet, we look forward to meeting you soon.

"Dear Neighbor" letter left for a resident along Lyndale Ave.

Many thanks for the help from Linda, Greg, Nicole and Justin for dedicating their time on Saturday!  Our next neighborhood volunteer event is this Saturday, 2/26.  Please see this post for more details.  Thanks!

We will be completing our neighborhood approval documentation on 2/26 and 3/3.


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