Our Approach

Our Approach

How will we transform county streets?

We will transform county streets by building a community-led movement to change our transportation systems to put people first. We will do this by hosting a series of community forums along County streets like Franklin Avenue, Lake Street, W Broadway and Lyndale Avenue. We will hear from community members about the transportation challenges they face along county streets and their aspirations for what these streets could look like if we put people first. We will organize our supporters to ask Hennepin County decision-makers to take action and invest in reshaping these streets.

Why build a people-led movement?

We believe that transportation decisions should reflect the will of those who will be impacted by them. Today, many Hennepin County streets in Minneapolis do not reflect the needs, values and aspirations of those who live, work and play along them. Many of these streets are designed to move cars through them as quickly as possible. This makes it more difficult to access destinations along them by foot, bike, rolling or transit. We believe that a movement led by community members will be long lasting, impactful and reflect the views of those who’ve long been ignored in transportation decision-making.

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Kick-Off Online Community Forum

We plan to host a series of community forums where people can tell their unique transportation stories. Each forum will reflect the voices of those who live, work and play along county streets. Through these forums we will document the various transportation challenges people face, and build a collective vision for a better transportation future. We will help folks engage with the Hennepin County budget process, connect with their elected representatives and help get their voices into transportation decisions. We aim to hold our government agencies accountable to the people they serve. 



We can achieve a street that's more easy and comfortable to bike, walk, and roll on, just by using paint to reduce and narrow car lanes.

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Word on the Street

Answered: Your Questions from the County Streets for People Kick-off

Answered: Your Questions from the County Streets for People Kick-off

In September we hosted a kick-off event for our newest advocacy campaign: County Streets for People! We’re so grateful to everyone who attended the kick-off event, including our speakers Anthony Taylor Theba, Felicia Perry, Maria Cristina Tavera, Robert Lilligren, Xavier Tavera, and Will Lumpkins. 

Through County Streets for People we are organizing local communities to co-create a vision for better County-owned streets in Minneapolis. We’re focusing on streets owned & operated by Hennepin County because these are some of the worst streets in our city.

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Lyndale Ave South

Lyndale Ave South

is a vibrant street in South Minneapolis that many local residents and businesses call home. At Open Streets Lyndale we bring 50,000+ people out to bike, walk, roll and play on a street where folks typically would be driving. Yet on a typical day, Lyndale Avenue South isn't an easy, comfortable place to get around without a car. In fact, 3 out of the 10 most dangerous intersections in Minneapolis are on Lyndale. Given Lyndale's position as a street that connects neighborhoods, schools, parks, and businesses, we must make it a street that puts people first.

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We are creating a movement to put people first on Hennepin County owned streets in Minneapolis.

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