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Lake Street is a prominent commercial corridor in Minneapolis that connects the Chain of Lakes, Uptown, Midtown, and the Longfellow communities. Lake Street has historically been a home to new immigrant families and businesses, and is home to many important cultural destinations like Karmel Mall, Plaza Mexico, Mercado Central, and the Somali Museum. Unfortunately, Lake Street also has some of the most dangerous intersections in Minneapolis, especially at intersections with other Hennepin County streets like Cedar, Portland, and Lyndale Avenues.


Lake Street

Goals for
Lake Street

We are working with our community partners and you to set our goals for Lake Street. Interested in learning more about this work and how you can help shape this effort? Contact José.

In the wake of the Uprising following George Floyd’s murder, many people are still hurting from seeing their beloved community destroyed and damaged along Lake Street.  Our community partner Lake Street Council is stepping back from this campaign to focus on recovery efforts with organizations and businesses along Lake street.  This street is still a priority of ours and we will re-engage when our partners are able to devote capacity to this project. To help Lake Street rebuild, you can donate here.

Contact Your County Commissioner

Your County Commissioner works with the other elected County Commissioners to make the decisions about how transportation projects are prioritized on County Streets in Minneapolis. Make sure you let them know why it's important that Hennepin County prioritizes Lake Street, Lyndale Ave South, Franklin Ave and West Broadway Ave in Minneapolis.

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Marion Greene, County Commissioner District 3

Commissioner Marion Greene, District 3

[email protected] | 612-348-7883
A2400 Government Center
300 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55487

Elie Farhat, Policy Aide
[email protected]

Laura Hoffman, District Aide and Scheduler
[email protected]

Angela Conley

Commissioner Angela Conley, District 4

[email protected]
A-2400 Government Center
300 South 6th Street Minneapolis, MN 55487

Cacje Henderson, Policy Director
[email protected]

Shanese Reed, District Outreach and Scheduler
[email protected]

Word on the Street

Dangerous Intersection: Lake & Bloomington

Below are photos from the intersection of Lake St E and Bloomington Ave S, the 14th most dangerous intersection for pedestrians in Minneapolis. 13 reported pedestrian crashes occurred at this location in the ten year study period of the 2017 Pedestrian Crash Study. These crashes range from fatal to incapacitating to minor crashes.

What are your experiences with Lake and Bloomington? Follow #mplsintersections on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation. 

All photos taken by Clark Goldenrod.

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Dangerous Intersection: Lake & Lyndale

The intersection of Lake Street W and Lyndale Avenue S had the highest total pedestrian crashes (24 crashes) according to the 2017 City of Minneapolis Pedestrian Crash Study. Lake and Lyndale is a signalized intersection with four lanes of traffic to cross on each street. (StarTribune video of the intersection). There are bus stops on all four corners serving routes 21 and 53 on Lake Street and routes 4 and 113 on Lyndale Avenue. Additionally, both Lake and Lyndale have thriving businesses and medium density housing at and near this intersection.

Photo by Janelle Nivens

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What's happening with Hiawatha and Lake

You probably know the intersection - potholes, people driving cars coming from every which-a-way, and for folks walking, rolling, and biking through Lake at Hiawatha, it can be a scary experience.


Photo via Eric Roper of the Star Tribune 

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