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West Broadway Business and Area Coalition

Felicia Perry

Felicia Perry serves the Northside business community as the Executive Director of West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. She previously managed projects such as the 3-day FLOW Northside Arts Crawl and Open Streets West Broadway. Perry serves on the Executive Committee of the Association for Black Economic Power (ABEP), the May Day Council and is a Northside Awesome Fund Trustee.

Why West Broadway Matters

Like the north Minneapolis community in which it is located, West Broadway faces multiple and interrelated challenges. Yet it has tremendous assets. Its commercial potential is based not on hope and idealism, but on real structural advantages such as its proximity to downtown Minneapolis, its location relative to competing commercial areas, and ready access to Interstate 94. These characteristics offer the promise of a self-sustaining future once threshold livability conditions are addressed, and the commercial and residential development markets are righted.

Hope Community, Inc.

Will DelaneyWill Delaney, Associate Director, Hope Community, Inc., joined Hope Community in 2008. His role is to lead the real estate and fundraising efforts of the organization. He serves as Chair of the Franklin Area Business Association, and is also the former Chair of the Emerging Leaders in Community Development Steering Committee.

Why Franklin Avenue Matters

"I know from our community members as well as my own experience as a pedestrian, bus rider, bicyclist and driver who regularly uses Franklin Avenue just how unsafe it is for those of us who live, work and play along it. For too long the priority of the street's design has been moving cars through the neighborhood at rush hour rather than the many residents and businesses along the corridor. I believe we can make Franklin - and other County roads in Minneapolis - much safer than they are today, which is why I am proud to be part of this campaign."

Lake Street Council

Matt Kazinka

Matt Kazinka works for the Lake Street Council, a non-profit organization that supports businesses throughout the Lake Street corridor in Minneapolis. Matt builds strategic partnerships to ensure that businesses are accessible to customers. He also helps businesses access grants and rebates that will help them purchase energy-saving equipment or set up effective recycling systems. Matt lives right off Lake Street in the Corcoran neighborhood and is a frequent bike commuter, transit user, and walker.

Why Lake Street Matters

Lake Street businesses rely on their customers being able to reach them safely and conveniently, no matter how they choose to travel. Unfortunately, Lake Street intersections are some of the least safe in Minneapolis, and people who walk or ride their bike on the street are taking their lives into their hands. We frequently see and hear about horrible deaths, injuries, and damage to properties and street amenities from out-of-control cars. I hope that this campaign will help turn the tide and ensure that Lake Street, and other county streets, can be more welcoming to neighbors and visitors.

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