Tips and Resources for Winter Bike Commuting

The snow is falling here in Minnesota and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are still cyclists on the road. If you are new to Minneapolis, like me, you might not have expected the winter biking community to be as large here as it is.  A lot of Minneapolis residents bike commute but many switch from their bike commute to public transportation or to jump in their car when the snow falls.

MattFrank_WinterBike_.jpgPhoto by Matt Frank.

If you are considering bike commuting this winter, it’s good to know that there is a huge community rallying behind you, and that there are some awesome articles and tips about winter biking - how to get your bike ready, how to take care of it, and how to stay warm.

If you are worried about clear bike lanes read this article from Minnpost about plowing protected bike lanes.

Wondering what to wear on your commute or if your work-appropriate clothes will survive the ride, read about what different people wear on their rides.

Worried your bike won’t make it to spring? Check out this article from Grease Rag about winterizing your bike and taking care of it after your ride.


Here are some other tips from the Hub about staying safe and warm during your winter commute.  

Remember to check the weather when you get up in the morning and dress appropriately, it’s cold out there! Take care of your bike, it will probably feel the weight of the winter, while you don’t need a fat bike or winterized tires to bike in the snow, you will need to do a little more maintenance which you can find in the Grease Rag article above.

Think about your visibility, adjusting your route, packing extra layers, and overall being extra prepared. Take your time if you feel you need it, while the bike lanes are salted you will most likely encounter ice at some point. If it’s below zero and you feel uncomfortable riding that day, take a break from biking that day and try again tomorrow.

Winter bike commuting can be extremely rewarding, if you choose to bike commute this season there are many resources out there for you and a whole biking community as well!


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