What do you wear in winter?

Yesterday we asked on Facebook and Twitter for folks to share their winter biking gear photos with us, and boy did you deliver! Below are some of the photos our supporters submitted; with a low of -3F in the morning and a high of just 10F during the day, it’s inspiring to see so many people feeling comfortable on their bikes with just regular clothes. It goes to show that you don’t necessarily need specialized gear to ride in the cold!

1. It started with a photo from Laura in our office.

Winter gear laid out on one side, person wearing the gear on the other

Going into the N 12mph wind this morning, with a windchill of -19°F, I was warm and dry for 3.5 miles*. Yippee!

Left: Knit wrist warmers, wool liner gloves, choppers, weather-proof jacket, wool earflap cap, wool neck gaiter and face scarf, gaiters (hello, 1998), weather-proof boots.
Right: The construction zone in the office is my backdrop- change is exciting! Helmet, medium baselayer with wool vest, lined Carhartt pants, wool hiking socks.

*When I had a longer commute (9.5 mi.) I dressed the same, with a lighter baselayer, and I would skip the neck gaiter, wrist warmers, and rock a different (lighter) pants situation.

2. Chris rocks his 11 mile commute.

winter gear laid out on one side, person wearing it on the other

For days that are -10F or colder for my 11 mile commute: Left top-to-bottom: Bonfire snowboard jacket, Pearl Izumi vest, Twin Six wool jersey, Patagonia wool baselayer, baselayer T-shirt. Middle top-to-bottom: Pearl Izumi elite gloves, Gup Gum pogies, SmartWool cap, 45NRTH balaclava, CandyGrind neck warmer, SmartWool socks, old hiking boots. Right top-to-bottom: O2 rain pants (wind-breaking layer), Chrome knickers, Pearl Izumi elite tights, compression shorts.

3. Heidi is probably the most visible rider on the road.

Person wearing winter gear standing inside next to a bike with string lights on it

I also put purple Christmas lights on my bike - very visible and makes everyone happy

4. Alex in our office went business casual for the commute.

winter gear on one side, person wearing the gear on the other

I went light, since I had only about a mile and half to ride between meetings, and didn't need to worry about long term warmth:

Bottom: Thick synthetic socks with dress shoes, dress pants.
Top: short sleeve undershirt, dress shirt, Columbia jacket shell.
Head: Medium weight cycling cap with ear flaps, super-long homemade scarf for my face.
Hands: Inexpensive liners with smartphone touch thingies, North Face ski gloves.

If my ride is longer (my commute is usually about 4 miles) I'll add long underwear under the dress pants and a thin synthetic thermal shirt under the dress shirt in place of an undershirt. I don't wear much on my upper body, since the jacket does a good job of trapping body heat in. I'll also generally wear some pretty big boots for riding, and carry a pair of dress shoes in my pannier (I wear business socks under my thick socks for an easy change when I get to my destination).

5. Marc also goes with a black and grey combo.

Winter gear laid out in the shape of someone wearing it

I'm with Alex on this one - black and grey work with everything. And, make sure you have enough rear-facing lights.

6. I don't know why we don't all pack emergency chocolate like Ginny does.

winter gear laid out on a wooden table

I rode my bike today! and yesterday and the day before that too. I'll ride tomorrow & the day after that too! Today I wore my merino wool base layers (scored at a clothing swap), unicorn pooping rainbow socks (gifted), thrifted cashmere sweater & hoodie. Merino neck koozie we made at the Grease Rag Winter Skill Share, knitted & gifted neck koozie (I don't want summer to come because I want to wear this FOREVER!) Misfittens choppers with liner gloves (bought them 10 years ago & they are still great) Too Big Warm as can be Boots that I wear every dang day in the winter. Fleece Windproof pants (from the WTF FTW Fbook Trading Post), Leg warmers I made from cutting off the sleeves of a thrifted wool sweater. Ear Warmer Hat Thingy, and a Winter Helmet I bought at the Kicker Project - Boardsports for Kids Fundraiser. I also have a coat. It's a nice coat. I bought it on SUPER SUPER sale at Thrifty Outfitters above Midwest Mountaineering. I love that shop. and CHOCOLATE, because I deserve it and so do you! I bike from NE to Seven Corners. It's about 20 Minutes. I love it and I love you.

7. Nick sticks to the basics for his ride.

winter gear laid out on a table


So my winter biking wardrobe: black pants, a wool scarf, waterproof gloves, a green jacket, and winter stocking hat

8. Joe on Twitter wears the brightest helmet!




9. Catherine Lleras (@catherinellerasathaus on Instagram) works at Haus Salon, and shows us how to go from Winter Wonderful to Max Professional in 45 minutes!


Living life, being active, appreciating & protecting our environmental surroundings...these are the reasons I began year-round bike commuting to Haus Salon this year. People often say they admire it, but couldn't do it & be look 'work ready.' I'm sharing this post to show, that YES, it can be done. Joy is all around us & a part of what we do - in & out of work. Thank you to my fab employers @jessicaathaus & @charlieathaus for supporting me & my Hubby @honeyloveag for setting me up w/ winter tires & gear. #‎mpls #‎winterbiking #‎hausstyle #‎haussalon#‎hausnolo #‎spabycatherinelleras

Thanks to everyone who shared with us!

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  • Kelli McCully
    THANK YOU! This is such a helpful article! In in St. Paul, and have dabbled in winter biking but this year I’m ready to get serious, and this was super helpful.

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