The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is prioritizing the following efforts to help make Minneapolis more bicycle friendly. Please join us in helping to make these efforts reality as a member, volunteer, or both! Let us know if there's something you'd like to see prioritized in the coming year.

Open Streets Mpls

Explore your neighborhood with Open Streets!

Bike, blade, walk - whatever!


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What Open Streets Mpls is All About



Healthy Living


Local Business


Sustainable Transportation


Civic Pride

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Minneapolis Bike Week

Minneapolis Bike Week showcases the ease, simplicity and enjoyment of going by bike.

Minneapolis Bike Week is a series of events and activities promoting all types of bicycling with a focus on encouraging those who do not normally ride to give it a try.

In partnership with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, Minneapolis Bike Week is a coordinated effort among local businesses, nonprofits, community groups, government organizations and volunteers.

Groups organize and host a diverse range of events and activities throughout the week including group rides, classes, commuter pit stops, free breakfasts, celebration locations and much more.

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