Climate Statement

Scientists agree that humans are warming the planet. We are doing this by taking part in activities that release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases are warming the planet, leading to a breakdown of our climate. The effects of this breakdown include melting polar ice caps, extreme weather events, the collapse of ecosystems and the extinction of many species.

In the United States the largest, fastest growing source of greenhouse gas is transportation. Within transportation, personal cars and trucks are the biggest source of emissions. We must rapidly transition to a zero-emissions transportation system to prevent climate breakdown.

Our Streets Minneapolis fights climate breakdown through our core mission. We do this by advocating for a city where biking, walking, and rolling are easy and comfortable for everyone. When active transportation is easy and comfortable, fewer folks will use cars. With fewer cars on our streets, there will be less carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Institutional racism and discrimination amplify the impact of climate breakdown. Climate breakdown disproportionately harms the people most marginalized in our community including people of color, women, transgender people, low income people, and people with disabilities. These groups of people are also the folks who contribute least to climate breakdown. Our work to transition to a zero-emissions transportation system will prioritize dismantling the discriminatory structures that led to these disparities. We will do this by centering and amplifying the voices of people who have historically been left out of the transportation decision-making process.






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