Whittier Lyndale Bikeway Stories

In past years, Our Streets Minneapolis has advocated for and organized communities in support of the Whittier Lyndale Bikeway. The City of Minneapolis went through with planning a protected, two-way bikeway between Downtown and 40th Avenue S on 1st Avenue and Blaisdell Avenue.

Construction was due to be completed this Summer/Fall, but Public Works recently pushed the timeline back to 2022. Public Works has also delayed the planned reconstruction of 1st Avenue S from 2023/2024 to potentially as late as 2026. It is not acceptable to delay the implementation of this project.

The Voices of the Downtown/Whittier Bikeway series shared the stories of people who work, live, and travel in the impacted areas.We’re continuing to collect these stories in light of the project delay.

Submit your stories and experiences below. Share your concerns, visions for the future, and what you hope comes from this upcoming project. Our Streets Minneapolis might reach out for an interview based on your submission.

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