What is that T-shirt?

You know what we do, and why you should join. And if you join by October 31st you get a free T-shirt! They’re the first shirts we have made as an organization, and we’re very excited about how they’ve turned out! Now we would love to see these shirts make their way through to every corner of the city, because that means you support what we do.


You may be asking…what is the meaning behind the shirts? The FREE theme explains how we feel about cycling and the free-dom that comes with it. The free transport, free entertainment  - freedom. Along with that, we bring in references to the beautiful city of Minneapolis; the lakes, the endless paths and bike lanes (something we take particular pride in, represented by the dotted lines), and a general love for biking. The back ties in the values of the MBC, something we hope to share with our members, and the greater Minneapolis community.


So join today and see how the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition can help make YOUR biking experience in YOUR city, a better, safer way to feel freedom.

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