We did it! 4-3 conversion to happen on Lyndale Ave S

Following several months of organizing by hundreds of community members, Hennepin County Public Works has committed to carrying out a 4-3 conversion on Lyndale Ave S. This safety treatment is a short-term improvement that will help reduce traffic crashes on the corridor.

Included is a letter we sent to Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene to thank her for her support in making this happen. Our letter also calls on Hennepin County Public Works to commit to an early and clear timeline for this project.

Letter from Our Streets Minneapolis to Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene reproduced in full:

Dear Commissioner Greene,

On behalf of our supporters, thank you for moving Hennepin County to implement a 4-3 conversion on Lyndale Avenue S next year. This proven safety treatment will significantly reduce traffic crash rates and improve the experience of everyone using this street. 

We are grateful for your leadership and all the time you have spent listening to constituents who have been organizing for change on this street. We hope to continue working with you to make Lyndale Ave S a place where people can bike, walk and roll easily and comfortably.

As a next step, we ask that you work with Hennepin County Public Works to commit to an early and clear timeline for the 4-3 conversion.The longer we wait, the greater the risk to those who currently use this street. 

Until then, Our Streets Minneapolis, our supporters and community members will continue to advocate for its speedy completion. 

This safety treatment is an important first step in creating a Lyndale Ave that works for people. 

However, Lyndale Ave S is just one of many streets in Minneapolis owned and operated by Hennepin County that experience high rates of traffic crashes and lack good bike and pedestrian infrastructure. These streets also cut disproportionately through communities of color. Today, in Minneapolis, our Native and Black community members who bike and walk are most at risk of being hit by a car.

Our County Streets for People movement is working to achieve a rapid transformation of these streets through a community-led process that puts the needs of those who have been historically excluded, first. We hope to count on your support in achieving this transformation.

Thank you again for your leadership and support.



Ash Narayanan

Executive Director

Please join us in sending a thank you letter to the Commissioner and urging her to commit to an early and clear timeline for this project.



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