Volunteers, City move winter sidewalk maintenance forward

A Minneapolis sidewalk covered in a sheet of ice

We’re creating some momentum around making Minneapolis winters walkable and you can help keep it going!

We’ve got some exciting news to report and some advocacy actions for folks to take.

Here’s a little background information and a previous blog post on this topic if you’re just now joining us on our journey to make Minneapolis winters walkable for everyone.

The Minneapolis City Council Transportation and Public Works Committee heard a report from Public Works staff on October 9th, 2018. This report was specifically on the costs and feasibility of the City taking on sidewalk clearing during snow emergencies and throughout the winter season. You can view the staff presentation online and learn more about the committee’s work.

The really exciting news is that the committee discussed winter sidewalks for 90 minutes! That’s unprecedented and it's due to residents raising this as an important issue in our city. Public Works staff committed to reporting back on a planned pilot during this winter season, improved communications from the City, and investments in winter sidewalk clearing in the next budget cycle. This is a big success and shows how effective we can be when we speak up.

One of the ways that Our Streets Minneapolis is keeping this work moving forward is through our Pedestrian Work Group. We’re a small but mighty group of committed volunteers. Want to join us and keep up the momentum around making Minneapolis winters walkable? Sign up here. At our last meeting we reviewed the Transportation and Public Works Committee presentation on the 9th, and did an advocacy training on how to talk to your council member or their staff.

Would you like to stay connected and get more involved with our winter sidewalk maintenance campaign? Contact us here.

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