UM Biking Challenges & Upcoming Meeting

With the transition of the Scholars Walk to a bicycle dismount zone and no clear signage or guidance on alternative routes, east-west biking across the University of Minnesota has been challenging and confusing for many this year.

On Monday, November 14, a sub-committee of the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee is meeting with U officials to discuss how to make bicycling easier and less confusing for those who travel east-west across campus. Another point of discussion will be the $115 fines that nearly 100 bicyclists have received for riding in the Scholars Walk dismount zone. There is some question as to whether this fine is excessive given the nature of the infraction and the existence of a different $25 fine for failure to obey signs.

If you're interested in attending the November 14 meeting and have ideas on how to make east-west biking across the U better, let me know and I will send you the location, time, etc. Otherwise, I will be sure to post an update on what transpires.

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