Trouble finding bike parking?

Bikes parked on light posts, trees, and benches are an all too common sight on the 10th Avenue side of the Midtown Exchange Building. I'm hopeful that we can get a couple of bike racks with help from the City's Bike Rack Cost Share Program and building management.

Let your employer, apartment owner, and other business owners know about the City of Minneapolis's Bicycle Rack Cost Share Program. Apparently, the city pays 50% of the cost of racks and installation for eligible locations.

I live in the Midtown Exchange Building and while bike parking is good on the west side of our building, parking along the street on the east/10th Avenue side is virtually nonexistent. Visible and accessible bike racks along 10th Avenue would be a great improvement--especially since this is a popular exit off the Midtown Greenway. I let our building management know about the City's cost share program, and am hopeful that we will get a rack or two in the future.

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