Support Bike Lanes on Franklin Ave SE

The City of Minneapolis is holding a public meeting to discuss the proposal to add bike lanes to Franklin Ave SE.

This project needs your support!

ThursdayJanuary 21, 7:00pm

St Frances Cabrini Church, 1500 Franklin Avenue SE


Please attend this public meeting if you would like to improve Franklin Ave SE for all road users, especially bikes.

Great opportunity to fill a gap in the bike network- Connect brand-new bike lanes on Franklin in St. Paul to a planned protected bikeway on the Franklin Avenue bridge, for a continuous bikeway all the way from the edge of Minneapolis to the Phillips neighborhood.

Meet the community’s stated desire for lower speeds on Franklin-  Right now, the parking rate on Franklin is around 3%, east of I-94.  That means that drivers almost always have a sixteen foot lane, which makes speeding seem normal (for reference, the typical freeway lane is twelve feet wide).  The neighborhood has an adopted plan that calls for bike lanes and this corridor is on the City’s bike plan.


Support this project- We still need to hear from members of the community that slower speeds and dedicated bike lanes are important to you.  Please come, and invite your friends and neighbors.

For more details- Visit the City's project website and attend the public meeting.

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