Rolling in Melanin!


Rolling in Melanin is a new initiative at Our Streets MPLS, for WOC/Black Women to connect, engage, and share skills and education around biking in the Twin Cities. Whether you bike a lot, only on the weekends, or not at all, if you have the desire this space can and will provide the resources to support you. This is a co-collaborative space that works to meet the needs of those involved. This can look like skill shares, riding and safety training opportunities, group rides and fellowship. This initiative is being lead by our awesome Bicycle Encouragement Connector Selah Michele.

Selah Michele, Bicycle Encouragement Connector

 "People are only invisible when we refuse to see them. This space is about expanding on what exists and dreaming about and creating what doesn’t for our health & wealth, and the benefit of our community and our environment. Black women and women of color bike. We been on bikes. I am so happy I get to be apart of supporting and expanding this way of being for us!"

--Selah Michele





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