Like Talking Bikes? Questions about What' Up with...? Come to a Meet-Up

Asking questions at an earlier happy hour. Credit: Paul Smith

While Coalition volunteers are busy working on a host of projects ranging from bike parking to Open Streets to bike lanes on Franklin Avenue, some other MBC fans want to hang out and talk bikes, hear the latest on bikes in their part of town, or maybe grab a drink.

So, we're trying out Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition meet-ups, with one scheduled for Monday, March 19th at The Republic, happy hour time or so (details below).  We plan  to spread these all over the city, so if you prefer to stay close to home watch our events for one nearby.

We plan to have BAC reps at the meetings to answer questions about specific projects and take suggestions about your specific locations. We'll have info on the Coalition for the curious.  And, there'll be plenty of time to chat with other folks who like to ride.

Got an idea for where or who or when?  Comment here.

Details for the Campus Happy Hour:

Meet others interested in cycling.

Learn from official City Bicycling Advisory Committee reps and Coalition activists what is happening around campus when it comes to biking.

Ask whether your biking infrastructure pet peeve will get fixed.

Interested in volunteering? Learn how you can participate in bicycle-friendly initiatives near campus.

We're hoping for better weather than the last happy hour at The Republic -- but check out the turnout we had in the slush-rain! We hope this will be even bigger.

Mon, March19 from 3:30-5:30

Please reply to the Facebook event.

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