Let's let 'em know We're Here!

Finally, finally, finally, a tool we've been trying to get online is available.

Many of you have seen our "I arrived by bicycle" cards.  When cyclists leave them behind at businesses, they let businesses know that some of their customers bike to destinations and to thank them for supporting cycling customers.  We used them at 48th and Chicago when we asked for bike parking, and handed them out at Open Streets.

I arrived by bicycle cards.

We produced a first version of the cards for the 2010 Bike Expo and hoped to post a printable form online then... but first the online card design couldn't be downloaded, then we were working on a logo, then we needed to redesign the cards, and it just plain took a long time for this to get all the pieces together.  TODAY is the day we're able to upload the printable .pdf.  This one looks a heck of a lot better than the original!

Please print them out and leave them behind!

A little info on "How to."  The .pdf is a two-page document, and it's intended to be printed front/back.  If your printer won't duplex (and really, who has a printer that will duplex???), print page 1, flip the paper, then print page 2.  If you managed to flip the paper and keep the top "up," the front and back will [ought to] match up so you can cut them out.  Repeat as often as you need.

Thanks to Emma Pachuta for the design work, both on the card and on creating the printable .pdf!

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