Take year-round walks with residents through their neighborhoods

Welcome to Minneapolis Director Hutchinson! I am a walker. When possible, I walk 7+ miles to work at the University of Minnesota East Bank campus. I walk to grocery shop, eat a local restaurants and drink at breweries. I walk across bridges over the mighty Mississippi River and the Minnehaha Creek. I walk on miles and miles of protected trails around lakes. I walk through beautiful public spaces and look at interesting public art. I walk to bus stops. I walk on busy streets. I walk through alleys. I walk through snow. I walk on ice. I walk in the rain. I walk with friends who use mobility assistance like scooters and canes. I walk knowing that one day I may need similar assistance. I walk with the knowledge of the privilege my physical appearance affords me to explore my city's every nook and cranny without fear of someone calling the cops. I walk with fear that my life will end while doing the thing I love because of car culture. I walk on sidewalks that are also used as bike lanes because of a history of putting cars first. I walk knowing that the City of Minneapolis can be city known as a top place for walking just as it is known as a top place for biking. As I welcome you to Minneapolis, I also invite you to explore the city with me on foot. I'd love to talk with you about what's working and what isn't. I know other residents would love to do the same from their perspective.

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