How to Find a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Approximately 18,477 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents, including 3,499 who were seriously injured, just a few short years ago in 2016. Serious injuries sustained in these accidents can be costly, especially when specific medical treatment is required.

To receive the compensation you deserve after being involved in a crash, you should consider hiring a bike accident lawyer.

3 Simple Steps for Finding the Best Bike Crash Lawyer for You

Choosing an attorney can seem daunting at first. By following a few simple steps, you can find some highly capable attorneys in your area, competent in this type of case.

1. Research Attorneys in Your Area

Start by researching attorneys in your area using a quick online search. Websites such as the American Bar Association offer online attorney directories. There are also several attorney-focused directories available, including Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell®. Of course, it’s often best to ask friends, family members and colleagues for any referrals they may have to give.

2. Check for Proper Licensing in Your State

Before you schedule your consultation, it’s best to ensure your attorney meets all necessary licensing requirements set forth by your state. In Minnesota, use Minnesota Supreme Court Lawyer Registration Office’s database to conduct an online search. This sources will tell you whether or not the lawyer is actively (currently) licensed to practice.

3. Call for a Consultation

Once you have a few attorneys to choose from, call to schedule a consultation. Most personal injury attorneys will offer free consultations to discuss your case and legal needs. Make sure to use this time to ask questions to assess how well the lawyer fits your specific situation and gauge how well you connect with the lawyer. Some questions to ask include:

  • How long have you been practicing?
  • Do you have experience in bicycle accidents?
  • How will you communicate with me about the progress of my case?
  • Do you have any references from other clients like me?

What Should You Expect From Your Bike Accident Attorney?

As you conduct your search, there are a few basic things you should expect from the bike accident attorney that you choose.

  • Solid communication: Your attorney should be a great communicator, someone who can explain the ins and outs of your case. Your lawyer should be able to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns in a timely manner.
  • Specific knowledge: The lawyer you choose should have the knowledge required to reach the best resolution. This means having experience in personal injury cases (preferably bike crash cases), who knows how to communicate with the insurance company and who has winning experience in court.
  • Superb ethics: Your attorney should follow all of your state’s ethical rules by maintaining client privilege, performing their duties as a competent attorney and working within the bounds of the law. (A search on the lawyer’s registration database should also pull up any ethics violations.)

If you’ve been involved in a bike crash, don’t wait to receive the help you need to get back on track. An experienced, licensed bicycle accident attorney can help.

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Attorney Daniel J. Brazil of Brazil Law Group is an experienced personal injury attorney with offices located in Uptown. He has a passion for the outdoors, especially cycling and climbing. Learn more about Dan and his practice by following him on Twitter (@LawDanielBrazil and #MplsBikeAttorney). 


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