Hennepin County District 2 Candidate Questionnaires

Notes: Updated 6-7-12 to include an additional response and 8-12-12 for final details before primary. This is a guest post from Coalition volunteer and Hennepin County District 2 resident Jim Skoog, who coordinated collection of candidate questionnaires. Retiring Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Stenglein will be replaced this fall. Hennepin County District 2 currently includes most of north and northeast Minneapolis in addition to several nearby suburbs (see map). We encourage District 2 residents to be informed voters and arranged for candidate questionnaires to provide information on the bicycling perspectives of prospective candidates. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is a non-partisan non-profit organization and has made the questionnaire available to all declared candidates regardless of party.



Candidates for primary August 14, 2012:

Candidates for primary August 14, 2012:

Leslie Davis www.lesliedavisforcommissioner.org/

Steve Dehler www.stevedehler.com/

Rolf Erickson www.rolfforhennepin.com/

Linda Higgins www.higginsforhennepin.com

Tonia Johnson www.johnson4d2.com

Kathleen Murdock www.electmurdock.com/

Paula Pentel www.paulapentel.com

Roger Smithrud www.smithrud.com/

Blong Yang www.yangforcommissioner.com

Note that Jill Davis and Don Samuels have withdrawn from the race. We thank them for previously completing questionnaires.


Map of new Hennepin County Commissioner Districts approved April 24, 2012


August 14, 2012 Primary Election

November 6, 2012 General Election

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To educate the public about Hennepin County Commissioner Candidates and bicycle-related issues, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition facilitated a candidate survey. Questions for the survey were developed by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. All candidates were invited to submit responses to the questionnaire.

The responses from candidates are below…


Note that we contacted, but did not receive responses from Steve Dehler, Rolf Erickson, Kathleen Murdock, and Roger Smithrud.

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