Join us for Healthy Trips, Healthy City for a chance to win!

We’re excited to introduce a new wayfinding and story sharing project: Healthy Trips, Healthy City! A partnership with the City of Minneapolis, the Healthy Trips, Healthy City project has three goals: 

  1. Connect people biking, walking and rolling to essential local businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, and pharmacies
  2. Encourage/inspire people to make essential trips in a healthy, sustainable way
  3. Celebrate people biking, walking, and rolling for their essential trips

Biking, walking, or rolling to get around have many benefits including improved health outcomes and helping our city reach our climate goals. Plus, when you participate in Healthy Trips, Healthy City you can share your trip with our community for a chance to win a prize! 

Healthy Trips, Healthy City has a few different parts. Here’s how it works: 

Find local a business

We're placing over 90 decals on sidewalks and streets all across the city. These decals direct people from popular biking and walking routes to nearby essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies. See one in your neighborhood? Follow the arrow to visit a nearby business.

Through these wayfinding decals we hope to inspire people who to bike, walk, and roll to make more essential trips by getting around in these ways.

Two side by side photos of Healthy Trips, Healthy City Decals placed on sidewalks

Share your trip

Once you arrive at a business, take a photo of yourself, the business, something you saw along the way, or your bike if you rode one and share it to Instagram or Twitter with #HealthyTripsHealthyCity. This hashtag will connect you to other people who are also biking, walking, and rolling to get around. 

Plus, when you share a photo of yourself making a trip by biking, walking, or rolling you’ll be showing your friends how fun and convenient getting around that way can be! 

We encourage folks to share photos of any of their bike, walk, and roll trips to any essential businesses or destination. The destination does not have to be associated with a Healthy Trips, Healthy City decal.

Win prizes

When you upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter from September 4th, 2020 to October 31st, 2020 and use #HelathyTripsHealthyCity you will be entered into a prize drawing for a chance to win one of ten $100 gift certificates to a business in Minneapolis! 

What are the prizes? Here’s the best part: winners will receive a gift certificate to a business they’ve biked, walked, or rolled to! If you win we’ll reach out to you to ask which Minneapolis grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store, bike shop, or restaurant you’d like a gift certificate to. As long as they offer gift certificates, we’ll get one for your prize! 

If you’d like to be entered to win prizes, be sure your profile is set to public. That way we can see your post tagged with #HealthyTripsHealthyCity. If you’re not comfortable setting your Instagram or Twitter profile to public, send @ourstreetsmpls a message asking us to follow you. 

Each new post using #HealthyTripsHealthyCity will be considered a new entry for a chance to win. You are welcome to enter as many times as you like between September 4th, 2020 and October 31st, 2020. 

You do not need to purchase anything from the business you visit to share a photo using #HealthyTripsHealthyCity and enter for a chance to win a prize. 

We'll make our prize drawings on the following schedule. If your post is made before a drawing date but you are not selected, your entry will be included in the following prize drawings. 

  • Wednesday, September 30th: two winners | @family.nordeast (Instagram) & @mplsalex (Twitter)
  • Wednesday, October 7th: one winner | @hnbic_ (Instagram)
  • Wednesday, October 14th: one winner | @slatsphoto (Instagram)
  • Wednesday, October 21st: two winners | @wille_emilie (Twitter) & @halla_peno_coloda (Instagram)
  • Wednesday, October 28th: one winner | (Instagram)
  • Monday, November 2nd: three winners | @crockchopperchris (Instagram), @ban_SUVs (Twitter), & @sungold.cyclist (Instagram)

Ready, set, go! 

So that’s it! Find a business in Minneapolis, take a photo of your bike, walk, or roll trip there, and post it with #HealthyTripsHealthyCity for a chance to win a gift card to your favorite business in Minneapolis! We can’t wait to see all your trips on Instagram and Twitter! 

Have a question? Get in contact with Nick Ray by sending him an email at or calling him at (612) 758-0722.


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