Downtown Bikeways Work Group February 2019 Update

The Downtown Bikeways workgroup welcomed five new members at this month’s meeting. We spent some time talking about the history of the group, doing brief introductions and then getting down to work!

Volunteers at the February 2019 Downtown Bikeways Work Group meeting

Jess and Steve introduced the first draft of a guiding document that they have been working on. The document outlines the
Vision of the group, the Values that the group will maintain, the Methods that our group will use to make our Vision a reality, the Obstacles we think we will encounter along the way, and Measures that we will use to determine whether or not we have been successful. And since everyone loves a good acronym, they called it the group’s V2MOM! (Actually, that’s not true - V2MOM’s were first used by as a way to align the whole company, and you can read more about V2MOM’s here.)

Everyone spent a few minutes reading the V2MOM, then we split up in to small groups to identify some “roses” and “thorns” in it, and then shared those back out with the rest of the group. Jess and Steve will incorporate that feedback and create a final version before next month’s meeting.

Andrew and Kirsten requested that everyone spend 15 minutes researching and answering questions for their knowledge sharing document before February 15th.

The LaSalle/Blaisdell and 1st group is going to continue their interview campaign and reach out to businesses and schools along the corridor.

The 9th and 10th St group is going to review the Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan planning and use that to inform their tactics.

If you'd like to be involved, we'd love to have you join us! Our next meeting is on Monday, March 4th at the Dunn Brothers at 329 W 15th Street. (Please show up at 5:45 for a quick pre-meeting orientation chat if you’re new.)

If you can’t make the meeting:

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