Here's some ideas / examples of cool stuff for blog content:

Image Slider



Paste the iframe code in the template.

Code looks like this: 

<iframe src="" width=100%; height=600px></iframe>


Embed a Facebook Post

Be aware that if you are embedding a person's post - people will not be able to see it unless they are friends with that person. If you have permission from the person, you can download any photo and put that in the post (like any other image) and add any text that goes with the post instead of embedding. 

To embed a post - see below:

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Example blog content, justifying and captions

  Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition T-Shirt in yellow with the word Free, a bike, and a bee buzzing around turquoise hearts.

Caption Goes Here

Blog Post Text Goes Here. Replace image src with the image you want. Try to use readable image names and fill in an image description between the 2 quotes after alt=

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