Can You Spell Bike Parking


Since February 2012, volunteers and MBC board members have been on a mission to increase bike parking in the Uptown and Lyn-Lake Business Districts.

Taking advantage of the conversion of meters to pay stations, Dero Bike Racks designed a “sleeve” to slip over the meter pole that accommodates two bicycles. The City of Minneapolis agreed to a 50/50 match with businesses to pay for the sleeves if the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition agreed to act as an intermediary and raise the funds . . . the race was on! To date, we have orders for 80 sleeves in the Uptown and Lyn-Lake Business districts. This increases bike parking by 160 spaces. With involvement by neighborhood associations (CARAG, LHENA, and Lyndale), we were able to significantly increase the number of racks when they offered an additional match to businesses. Watch for installation in the next months.

AND we are not done yet. We are now focusing on the West Bank, Downtown East and West, Dinky Town, and Stadium Village. The sleeves can be installed wherever pay stations exist (except Northeast where the design of the meters will not accommodate the sleeve). What can you do to help? Next week we will publish the names of all the businesses and private citizens that supported this initiative – make sure to stop in and thank them. Let them know that you ride your bike and patronize their business. Get involved with MBC by writing to [email protected]

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