Bikeways for Everyone Updates

It’s been a busy, fun-filled summer of biking events and activities in Minneapolis. The Bikeways for Everyone volunteers have had a great time hosting our pop-up cycle track at the Open Streets events around the city. We’ve also had volunteers out at events and public meetings voicing our support for a cycletrack on Minnehaha Avenue. For those of you who missed the last volunteer meeting, have an interest in getting more involved, or just want to follow the bike coalition news, we have some late summer updates for you!

August Meeting Notes:

Bill gave an update on the Kenilworth Trail. He’s been attending meetings of the local group Light Rail Done Right which has up-to-date information on the project on their site.

Minnehaha Avenue:

Do you want to see a Minnehaha Avenue redesign that supports all road users (cyclists, walkers, business owners, residents, etc.)? We’re still sticking to our position that a well-designed cycletrack on Minnehaha will improve the quality of life and make traveling on Minnehaha safer for all users. We have plenty of exciting work to do this fall! We’re out talking to residents and business owners to see what they like and don’t like about protected bikeways. If you feel the same way and would like to volunteer, please email us at [email protected].

If you live or work in the neighborhood you might be interested in attending an upcoming meeting about Minnehaha hosted by the Longfellow Community Council on September 11

Other Updates:

Interested in volunteering- we have several open volunteer positions that we’re looking to fill in our committee. We could use data entry volunteers, a meeting blogger (or two), and volunteers to help research and get information together for our new website. If you have these skills or would like to learn, let us know! Email [email protected] for more info.

If you still haven’t checked it out, we have a new bikeways for everyone website with our partners: You can also like us on facebook.

There is one more Minneapolis Open Streets event! Lowry Avenue on 9/21. You can sign up to volunteer for Open Streets here or email [email protected] if you would like to volunteer for the pop-up cycletrack during the event.

That's all for now! We hope to see you at our next Bikeways for Everyone Meeting on Monday 9/16, Bryant Square Rec Center, 6:30 PM.

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