Bikeways for Everyone meeting notes!

On March 18, 2013, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition Bikeways for Everyone Committee had their monthly meeting. Here are notes about the activities that took place during the meeting and the information that was shared.

1. How to Caucus: Amy facilitated a great lesson on what a caucus is, how to participate in caucus, what it means to present a resolution, and what it means to be a delegate. If you are interested, check the blog again shortly because Amy will be providing the information again in blog format. The first step to participating in caucus is determining which ward you live in! You can find your ward here:

2. Pop-up Cycletracks: Chrissy presented a beautiful visual aid to help the committee plan out what materials might be needed in order to implement a pop-up cycletrack during Open Streets events. Chrissy and Andrew brainstormed a list of materials that might be donated to the pop-up cycletracks. Programming, such as art installations from nearby schools, is also an idea that was discussed. If you know of any schools along the route that might have students who would want to organize an art installation, let us know!

They are looking for ideas about how to get turf and modular planters and nursery plants donated. If you have ideas about how those materials, or any others, could be donated to the pop-up cycletracks, please contact [email protected].

3. Bikeways for Everyone update: A general campaign structure was presented:

  • Bikeways for Everyone Advisory Committee – Composed of all of the partnering organizations that are participating in the campaign. This group would meet quarterly and provide direction for the overall campaign.

  • Bikeways for Everyone Strategy Team – This is composed of a handful of people who will meet a week prior to the Bikeways for Everyone workgroup and provide direction to the workgroup. This is a time-intensive volunteer commitment.

  • Bikeways for Everyone Workgroup/Committee – This is the group that meets during the Bikeways for Everyone Committee time (is yet another name change coming?!). This group implements strategies, conducts public outreach and education, and engages various networks in the heart of the campaign.

Two workgroups met last night for the campaign: a Minnehaha workgroup and a Washington Ave workgroup. Each group was headed by a member of the Strategy Team. Updates on the redesign of each avenue were provided. Volunteers have been very busy in the past month meeting with Hennepin County staff, contacting interested stakeholders, writing blogposts, designing layouts, etc. Thanks to everyone who has worked on this important aspect of the campaign! If you want to sign up to work on the Bikeways for Everyone campaign, join the Google Group which give you access to the necessary forms:!forum/projects

Once you are a member of the Google Group, you can access the campaign sign-up form and will regularly receive updates on the campaign and other Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition information!

4. Upcoming events: We discussed the bike ride taking place on March 30 entitled Bike Movies + Beer = Brewvies. For more information, click here: We hope to see you there!


5. Candidate Questionnaire: Volunteers have contact 40 candidates in the municipal elections taking place in Minneapolis this year! Results will be collected and made available for distribution starting this spring and running through summer 2013.

6. Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is Hiring! A reminder was shared that the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is hiring:

o   Fundraising Consultant: Download the Fundraising Consultant Task Description.pdf

Proposals should be submitted by email to [email protected]by March 19, 2013. Questions may be directed to [email protected].

o Volunteer Coordinator Consultant: The overarching goal for general organizational work is to support and build our capacity to engage volunteers. The goal for the event-specific activities is to implement all volunteer coordination tasks related to four car-free Open Streets events. This position may include physical labor, such as moving boxes and riding a bike. Download the Volunteer Coordinator Task Description.pdf

Proposals should be submitted by email to [email protected].


Join our Google Group for updates!

Our next meeting is April 15that Bryant Square Park Community Center in the crafts room.

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