Attend your Precinct Caucus!


Attend Your Precinct Caucus in Minneapolis!

Tonight’s the night!  If you’ve been wanting to get involved as a bicycle advocate in Minneapolis, attend your precinct caucus tonight.  Here are some frequently asked questions and some simple answers.

1. What the heck is a precinct caucus?

It’s a meeting organized by a political party

2. What is a precinct?

  • The smallest political subdivision of our state

  • Your neighborhood

  • All the people who vote at the same location

3. What is a caucus?

Most simply, a group of people

4. What is a caucus for?

  • Political parties choose issues

  • Resolutions can be proposed for potential inclusion in the party platform

  • Political parties choose candidates

  • Political parties endorse candidates

  • Candidates get the party’s nomination

  • Ordinary people (called delegates) vote for the candidates they want their party to endorse

  • Political parties build their base

5. Who can go to a precinct caucus?

  • You must reside in the precinct

  • You have to pick your party

  • You must be eligible to vote on November 5, 2013, to become a delegate, offer resolutions or vote on precinct business

6. What happens at a precinct caucus?

There are 3 main caucus activities:

  • Elect a precinct chair and precinct officers

  • Elect delegates and alternates to the ward and city conventions

  • Propose and vote on resolutions

7. What are delegates?

  • A delegate is a person who wants to go to the next level of their party’s caucus system

  • Precinct caucuses are open invitation, but only delegates can attend conventions

8. What are resolutions?

  • A resolution is a statement for an issue that you support

  • Resolutions can be used to get your issue on to the party platform

  • Resolutions should be presented in writing

9. Why be involved?

  • Meet your neighbors and build community

  • Support an issue (like Bikeways for Everyone!)

  • Support a candidate

  • Be a delegate

10. How do I get involved?

  • Choose your political party, then Google it with Minneapolis

  • Find out where and when your precinct caucus meets

  • Show up, run to be a delegate, offer a resolution

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