The Passion to Learn our Residents' Dreams and the Courage to Build a Better World

In the languages of my family, welcome and bienvenido a Minneapolis. I live in Whittier and bike year round for transportation, environmental reasons, economic reasons, and because I love it. I have lived in Minneapolis since 1999 and I am still exploring and learning about our city and the diverse communities that make Minneapolis home. I hope that as Public Works Director, before jumping into anything, you prioritize traveling all across this city - libraries, community centers, parks, train and bus stops, schools, coffee shops, corner stores - and talking with residents about their hopes and ideas for transportation, green space, safety on the road and sidewalks, health in their neighborhoods, and whatever else comes up. I encourage you take the best of what you hear, share it widely, and begin building plans for a city that connects us all to resources and opportunities, that maintains and adds neighborhoods resources equitably, that is affordable for all, and that builds bridges not barriers. Thank you for joining our community and I look forward to working together!

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