An Update from Isaiah on his Ride Planning

9-year-old Isaiah has an update on his upcoming 150 mile bike ride – both about the route and his fundraising goals.

A couple weeks ago there was a blog post about a bike trip that my Dad and I are going to take. Our goal is to ride 150 miles over 3 days. We are asking people to pledge money for each mile that we bike. Then people will give the money as donations to the Minneapolis Bike Coalition. We want people to give money to the Bike Coalition because we like biking a lot and we want everyone to be able to bike in safe and fun places. Biking on busy, scary streets is not fun.

We’d like to ask you to donate money to the Minneapolis Bike Coalition for every mile we ride. You can click on this form to say how much you want to donate. My goal is to raise $1,000 for the Bike Coalition. So far we have about $450 in pledges. Please help us get to $1,000!

In our last blog post we asked for ideas about routes we could take on our bike trip. Thanks for all the fun ideas!

I (Isaiah) decided that it would be better to start the bike trip from our house, instead of driving our bikes somewhere. This way we’ll make less pollution. So we are planning to bike from our house in Minneapolis, bike around the Greenway, the lakes, and go on the Luce Line Trail. We will camp two nights at Baker Park Reserve and go on bike trips from there. My mom and sister will probably meet us at the camp site and bring the tent and marshmallows. One day we’ll probably bike out to the end of the Luce Line trail and back, and also on the Dakota Rail Trail. Then we’ll bike back to Minneapolis and end our bike trip at Open Streets.

So, please tell us how much you want to donate! Your donations will help keep me going for the 150 miles of the biking, and it will also help make it safe and fun for other kids and adults to go biking.

Isaiah (age 9) and his dad, Michael (age 4*9+5)

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