26th and 28th Protected Bikeway Extension

2017-02-27.jpgIn the Summer of 2015, 26th and 28th streets from Hiawatha Avenue to Portland Avenue received one-way protected bikeways on each street! They provided a crucial connection and safe bike infrastructure in the Phillips neighborhood. The protected bikeways are an excellent alternative to the Greenway, especially for folks traveling around that neighborhood. Since the installation though, people have been asking “When will they be extended to Uptown?”. Good news: the time is upon us!

Public Works is drafting plans to extend these two protected bikeways all the way through the Whittier neighborhood to Uptown. The plans could be implemented as soon as this summer.  

The extension of these bikeways could potentially serve as a safe, comfortable, and accessible connection across 35W from the Phillips neighborhood. The current condition of the streets are heavily vehicle focused and speeding is a common complaint, especially east of Blaisdell. These streets are challenging for most people on bikes, and are in desperate need of pedestrians improvements as well. People biking on these streets are often forced onto the sidewalk to get to nearby destination or business (pictured right on 26th St). Both 26th and 28th have the potential to be safer and more predictable for walkers, bikers, and drivers. Your input is crucial to a safer 26th and 28th for everyone!

Do you live in the Whittier or Uptown area? Bike, walk, work, live, travel, or hang out on or near 26th and 28th Streets?

You are strongly encouraged to attend the City’s public meeting on Tuesday, February 28th at 6pm, at Springhouse Ministry Center. Click here for more info and to invite your neighbors.

The project proposal is not 100% complete, and it is extremely important that you give your feedback either at the upcoming community meeting or contact your City Council Member. Your input is important and it is essential that your voice is heard!


Photo credit: Adam Coppola Photography

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  • Jeff Carlson
    This is so wonderful! The extension of the 26th and 28th Street protected bike lanes will truly transform our neighborhood for the better. I can’t wait to ride on them with my daughters!!!

    Jeff Carlson

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