Now Hiring: Community Organizer

Our Streets Minneapolis is hiring a full-time Community Organizer. Join our great team working to make Minneapolis streets great for everyone! We encourage people to apply by Dec. 22.

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What's happening with Hiawatha and Lake

You probably know the intersection - potholes, people driving cars coming from every which-a-way, and for folks walking, rolling, and biking through Lake at Hiawatha, it can be a scary experience.


Photo via Eric Roper of the Star Tribune 

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What you need to know about your property and snow removal

With a few snowfalls already under our belt, it is safe to say winter has arrived in Minnesota. With this in mind we have to think about winter maintenance, parking, and all the other things that affect transportation in a Minnesota winter.

To learn more about the city’s responsibilities during a snowfall or snow emergency and the pitfalls that go along with that, check out Ella’s blog.


Photo credit: Julia Curran

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