The Sharpest BIPOC Minds in Bike Advocacy

A recent Outdoor Magazine article, “The Bike Industry's Sharpest Minds on How to Make Roads Safer for Cyclists: Eleven experts weigh in with their biggest, craziest ideas—all of which are eminently doable,” was being shared widely on social media. I was excited to hopefully see some of the familiar names and faces get some limelight. To my dismay, I did not see a single person who was visibly of color, and there was no discussion of race, class, gender, access, or any of the other things that I find are inextricably connected to “safety.”

Here is a collection of perspectives from Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) advocates. Some of our sharpest minds.

Experts take on safety for people on bikes

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More updates from the University Ave/4th St SE May Stakeholder Meeting

In preparation for protected bikeways on University and possibly 4th St SE, between 10th St and Oak St., the city is leading the outreach and has convened a stakeholder group. The stakeholder group, comprised of business owners along the corridor, students & faculty at UMN, staff involved in transportation and planning on campus and community groups, were invited to share their experiences interacting with this corridor.

In general, the discussion has been about the possibility of a two-way protected bikeway on University, or a pair of one-way protected bikeways on University and 4th.

University Ave (1-way protected bikeway) media-20170621_(1).png

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Progress at Cedar/Franklin/Minnehaha!

The intersection of Cedar/Franklin/Minnehaha is the second most dangerous intersection in Minneapolis, with the second most bicycle crashes. It is also one of the most dangerous intersections in Hennepin County, with vehicle crash rates more than two and a half times the “critical rate.” 

Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, and other local groups worked together over the last few years to design a plan to improve this intersection (click image for bigger version).

 Map of Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha Intersection

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