Roll on Down to Lake Street and Minnehaha Ave this Sunday for Open Streets!

This Sunday, July 23rd, Lake Street and Minnehaha Ave will be OPEN for our community to explore, celebrate, and enjoy while walking, biking, and rolling. Here's a sneak peek of some of the main attractions so you can plan out your day accordingly.

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Will parking fears impact future development in Marcy-Holmes?

 What 8th St SE looks like currently. Image from Google Maps.  

The May and June meetings of the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association Transportation Committee have focused on parking issues in the neighborhood, with the eventual goal of having a more standardized vision of what works for the neighborhood for when new projects are proposed in the area. Task forces (see below) are currently being formed to determine a systematic approach for parking issues in the neighborhood. Bicycle infrastructure and high density housing have come up in both meetings as perceived contributing factors to parking issues.

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CLIC Recommended 2018-22 City Capitol Budget Includes Important Investments, but Falls Short on Pedestrian Safety


2017 Capitol Budget Requests

As another marathon CLIC (Capitol Long-Range Improvement Committee) session wraps up, I thought it’d be valuable to share some of the projects that came up through the process and were proposed for funding or not, and what that desicion process looked like. I recommend reading this blog post to familiarize yourself with the CLIC process before we begin!

A big takeway from this years process was that despite new projects for pedestrian and bicycle safety brought to CLIC this year, the city is not funding pedestrian infrastructure and safety at a level that will begin to have an impact on making our roads safer for the most vulnerable users.

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