Equity Statement

We are working to make our work more equitable. We're doing some very intentional things to support equity, but recognize we have much more work to do. To help guide that work, the Our Streets Minneapolis Board of Directors adopted the following Equity Statement in July 2016:


Our Streets Minneapolis is committed to inspiring people to bicycle and advocate for a city where everyone--from all identities and backgrounds--feels comfortable riding. Advancing equity means the Coalition engages, reflects, and works with communities and neighborhoods who historically have been underinvested in. The Coalition will provide extra focus on engaging, reflecting, and working with communities and neighborhoods who have traditionally been underinvested in, including people of color, women, transgender people, people with low-income, and residents of North and Northeast Minneapolis. 

In fulfillment of our mission, the Coalition is committed to:

  • Transforming our internal culture by:

    • Proactively creating safer spaces where all identities are welcome and people feel supported and listened to;

    • Reflecting our diverse communities in our Board and staff;

    • Training Board, staff, and volunteers on equity and safer spaces work;

    • Educating our network on equity issues;

    • Tracking our progress and reporting on our internal equity advancement efforts regularly as a part of Board meetings

  • Expanding and adjusting our advocacy efforts and programs by:

    • Applying an equity lens to all of our work;

    • Actively seeking and listening to diverse perspectives and making changes to our priorities and work according to what we hear;

    • Implementing programs that support equity related to our mission;

    • Partnering with others who are also committed to advancing equity;

    • Conveying an understanding of how bike equity issues intersect with other issues of livability

    • Tracking our progress and reporting on our advocacy and programmatic equity advancement efforts regularly as a part of Board meetings

 We know that a statement is just a framework and it is the work we do to make this statement real that matters. We are excited to be working with many partners and volunteers to help make Minneapolis more equitable.