With this Map, I'm Exploring Hennepin Co Sidewalks & ADA

I’ve been learning about what the Americans with Disabilities Act requires when it comes to our sidewalks. I’ll share how things work in another post. Today, I want to share my single favorite discovery.

Hennepin County has an online map with photo images and descriptions of every intersection, curb cut, signal actuation/beg button, and sidewalk obstruction on county streets. That map is here.  

This. Map. Is. Amazing.

Henn Co ADA sidewalk map

It itemizes every non-ADA-compliant spot on Hennepin County Sidewalks. Every green dot is a spot that was an ADA barrier (curb ramps, spots lacking accessible pedestrian signals (APS), or other), and every grey dot is a barrier that needs to be addressed. The APS images are standard, but the sidewalk obstructions are of the spot on the map. If you click on the dot, you’ll see something like this:

Sidewalk Barrier on Franklin 1

Example of ADA obstruction on Franklin 2

ADA (APS) barrier on Franklin 1

These sorts of images are available for the entire County. Here’s a close-up of just Minneapolis.

Henn Co obstructions and barriers in Mpls

I encourage you to click through and explore the sidewalks in your corner of the city.

Seeing these images made me more aware of barriers that my able-bodied self hadn’t realized were barriers. I hope I am better able to do my part advocating for a city where:

Older adults and people with mobility challenges are healthy, independent, and connected with their communities through streets and sidewalks designed for them. (from the Our Streets Minneapolis vision)

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