Welcome, Erika and Lisle!

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is happy to announce two new hires: Erika Bloomdahl and Lisle Bertsche!



Erika will be working full time this summer, splitting her time between Open Streets and the Bikeways for Everyone campaign as a Community Outreach and Engagement Intern.  Erika is a Minneapolis local, currently studying Political Science and Urban Studies at the University of Minnesota. She is passionate about biking, public transportation, sustainable cities, the arts, the environment, and political issues in general.

I am excited to be working at the bicycle coalition for the same reason that bikes have meaning to me, and that reason is that bikes are a healthy step away from cars and towards sustainable cities and a environmentally friendly future.

 Lisle joins the Coalition as a part time Planning Fellow, supporting our work through research and technical analysis.  Lisle loves to bike and walk around the Twin Cities and photograph what she sees! She works to make Minneapolis and Saint Paul a more friendly, vibrant, and safe place to live, work, and play. She is a current RISE Fellow with the New Sector Alliance, and is a graduate of Macalester College with a degree in Environmental Studies.


If I were a bike part, I'd be the gears and chain because I love to keep things moving and travel far.  I ride my bike around downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul, along the Mississippi, and to and from the grocery store, restaurants and breweries!

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