Welcome, Emily!

Emily Stumpf is the newest member of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, and comes to us from Colorado, through the Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC). LVC encourages core values of living simply and sustainably, living in an intentional community, and working for social justice.

Emily just graduated from Luther College with a BA in Communication Studies and Environmental studies, and looking forward to applying her skills and knowledge to the work we do here. We are so excited to welcome Emily for her year-long stay at the Bicycle Coalition as our Communications and Outreach Associate. 


Say hi to her when you see her at Open Streets and in your community, engaging residents about protected bikeways.

Environmental justice to me means that everyone has a commitment to this earth to not only treat one another right, but do this by giving them the opportunity to use the earth resourcefully, sustainably, and equally. I believe that our social and environmental injustices and tightly tied together, and when we are able to fix our social issues we will able to provide environmental justice to this planet and one another.

Please join us in welcoming our newest staff member!  Visit this page to learn more about the staff that make up the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.

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