Want More Bike Parking in Minneapolis?

Last night at the Longfellow meet-up, we received spontaneous appreciation for the new parking-meter-to-bike-rack conversions in Uptown. That gave us the opportunity to tell those folks that we're back on the job advocating and organizing for more conversions in other parts of Minneapolis. Of course, being an all-volunteer organization, we need your help to get to our goal of 180 meter conversions in 2012. (180 is as many as the City can do this year.)

Do you know five businesses in Downtown, Stadium Village, or Dinkytown that you'd be willing to ask to install bike parking? Businesses like you favorite pizza joint, bookstore or where ever else you need to lock your bike?

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition continues to work with the City to turn what used to be parking meters into safe places to lock your bike. So far, we've gotten 111 meters converted to bike parking, but our goal is 180 by the end of the year. Through this program, businesses can get a new bike rack installed on a parking meter pole for only $50. And that’s 2 more places to lock your bike to!

Celebrate our current success and join us to plan for the rest of this year's parking meter conversions at a happy hour on Tuesday, July 31st at 6 pm at Stella's Fish Cafe, 1400 West Lake Street. Bring a list of five businesses in Downtown, Dinkytown or Stadium Village that you'd be willing to ask to participate. Coalition volunteers will have fliers and will talk about how to effectively ask businesses for their support.

See you at Stella's on the rooftop patio!  Let’s toast our success!

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