2017 Walk Priorities

Here is our first-ever list of walking advocacy priorities! We're excited to be working on these with our volunteer Pedestrian Work Group and partners. 

2017 Pedestrian Priorities

Priority policy items to improve walking in Minneapolis: 

  • Have the 2040 Minneapolis comprehensive plan include new walk-friendly policies.

  • Improve winter sidewalk and corner maintenance so people can stay walking and rolling year round. 

  • Improve how we do stop lights to make them friendly to people walking and biking. 

  • Create and fund a pedestrian crossings improvement program to be able to make more proactive walk safety improvements on streets.

 Less like this:                                                                   More like this:

 Snowy__narrow_sidewalk_and_push_button_(City_of_Minneapolis).pngBump out


Priority street projects to improve walking:

  • Supporting priorities of the Minneapolis Public Housing Association High Rise Council on walking and access issues near high rises;

  • Hennepin Avenue downtown

  • Franklin Avenue west of Minnehaha Avenue

  • Hiawatha/Lake intersection


We'll also be monitoring and supporting as needed these additional street projects:

  • 8th Street Downtown (we already helped get safer, narrower traffic lanes on this project!)

  • 4th Street Downtown

  • Hennepin Ave Uptown

  • North Minneapolis Greenway

  • Hennepin/1st NE

  • Emerson/Fremont North

  • Samatar Crossing

  • Broadway NE

  • Lyndale Ave S crossings

  • Upper Harbor Terminal


Want to help with any of these?

Our volunteer Pedestrian Work Group is working on these! We can always use more people. Email or call me if you want to be involved! I'd love to chat with you. [email protected] or 612-964-8902.

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  • Jonah Finkelstein
    Specifically about the pedestrian friendly intersections and winter maintenance:

    With ADA requirements in place, improvements should begin (slowly) to be made with respects to pedestrian crossings. The strict rules on push button placement and sidewalk slopes help ensure the sidewalks and ped ramps are accessible to all users. while considerations and minimum thresholds are set for maintenance access allowing for easier winter cleaning (ensuring space for a bobcat can drive through for clearing).

    Also, the growing focus on complete streets should help add some new focus to these pedestrian considerations giving them some actual weight during the design process. People want to live in areas with multiple transportation mode choices and improved pedestrian facilities are a good place to start.

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